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Title: Trip Reports - What Trip Reports?
Post by: PietB on December 14, 2016, 06:49:42 am
Come on Guys

I bet lots of our members must be visiting ports and harbours all the time - it's what we like doing - so how come there hasn't been a trip report posted for ages? Brief details of good viewpoints visited, vessels observed and other relevant information would make for good reading and be a useful contribution for us all. What do others think?



Title: Re: Trip Reports - What Trip Reports?
Post by: Steven Collingwood on January 02, 2017, 01:40:20 pm
As you can see, I go to the following often-

Fort Monroe Hampton VA - this is a deactivated US Army Coastal Defense fort north of Norfolk VA.  All the seagoing traffic going into the Norfolk-Portsmouth-Newport News area go past it.  It is free to the public (it is now a combination city/state/national park).  Ample free parking is at the public beach access.

Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, Thimble Shoals Tunnel Rest Stop, Virginia Beach VA - this is the only public rest stop on the combination bridge/tunnel across the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay.  This rest stop will be closing for a number of years in October 2017 as a parallel series of tunnels is built.  You do have to pay normal tolls (currently $15 per car) to get on the bridge.

Morehead City, NC - This is a small NC State Port in eastern NC.  Large ship traffic is light, but their is a fair amount of yacht and fishing vessel traffic.  It also is one of the main ports used by the military when shipping out east coast marines (though I have yet to be able to get pictures of that yet).  I usually take pictures at either at Fort Macon State Park in Atlantic Beach - ample parking, free.  Go to the fort parking lot and across from the main fort is a beach overlook with a covered platform that is nice.  Also on US Hwy 70 between Morehead City and Beaufort, there is a NC wildlife landing that you can take some pictures if there is anything there.  It is also public/free.

Wilmington, NC - The largest of the NC State Port system.  Still, small by international standards.  You can pay to park in downtown Wilmington and take one of a number of very nice pay tour boats.  Also, approximately one hour past Wilmington, is Southport NC where the mouth of the Cape Fear River is.  This is where all the ocean going traffic first comes inland to go to Wilmington.  There is some free parking along the town waterfront/boardwalk.  Be aware it can be crowded during busy times and was damaged and will need some repairs after Hurricane Matthew.  This might limit access.

I am thinking of later in the year of taking a road trip to Florida and trying to hit Cape Canaveral, Key West, and the Tampa area.

Title: Re: Trip Reports - What Trip Reports?
Post by: Colwyn Grace on January 09, 2017, 08:28:50 pm
Had a trip round the River Trent, and Goole on 03/01/2017. Nice day but cold.Spotted Amadeus Gold, IMO 9479565 and Wilson Alster IMO 9222429 at Gunness. Whilst there I spoke to some Environment Agency men who were busy removing trees from the river bank, so you can now go to the end of Old School Lane and get a good uninterrupted view of both the Gunness berths. Moved onto to the Grove Wharf area where Romi, IMO 8922266, RMS Laar,IMO 8508400, Pride, IMO 9252931, Amadeus Silver, IMO 9374909 and  Aberdeen, IMO 9313723 were all busy discharging cargo. On to Amcotts, where Fast Sus and H 7 S Bravery were seen at Flixborough Wharf. Finished off at Goole where Celtic Ambassador IMO 9006370 , a UK ship reg'd at Cardiff!!, Nina 1 IMO 8402668, Baltiyskyiy-202, IMO 9057252, Bounder IMO 8611192 and Fast Jef IMO 9136101 were all spotted. All in all a pretty good day. :)