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Title: Taking a break
Post by: tropic maritime images on May 26, 2013, 11:03:41 am
Just a short note to all my friends on SS, that I will be taking a break from uploading for a while. I have been perusing this site since the very early days and have been uploading since 2006. I have enjoyed most of my time here and have had many good yarns with some of you, both through PMs and on photo comments.

Lately, though, there has been quite a negative attitude becoming pervasive throughout the site and a dictatorial attitude coming from the people running the site. The "I will delete any futher forum discussion on deletions" attitude is not, I believe, a healthy development. I realise that running a website as large, varied and international as this one is a difficult job, but there are an increasing number of websites which cater to the shipping enthusiast. I believe that SS will continue to slide if the current situation continues.

This is of course only my opinion, but by the number of long term members with literally thousands of contributions having departed over the last couple of years, perhaps a widely held one among us long-timers.

Thanks for all the nice comments over the years chaps,

Title: Re: Taking a break
Post by: josip botica on May 26, 2013, 12:17:46 pm
Hope you will back soon.Best Regards Josip

Title: Re: Taking a break
Post by: itsfoto on May 26, 2013, 07:40:48 pm
Dear Tropic,

The sad irony is that the oh so trigger happy admins have actually been doing a pretty good job for quite some time now (not counting a few laughable exceptions, like "dog in foreground"...).
Keeping the lid on this site takes some sound judgement. Far too many extremely boring pics still pass muster, but "boring" is not and must not be part in the rules. Still, the admins are trying their best, it seems, and it works.
Having said that I can not but agree with you that a lack of democratic thinking on the part of some of the governors is rather aggravating.
Taking on the responsibility of administrator (voluntarily, remember!) entails the plight to stand up to criticism endlessly. "I don't want to hear of it any more" is hardly a respectable response (right Ken and Phil?).



Title: Re: Taking a break
Post by: Craig on May 27, 2013, 01:39:14 am
Hi Tropic,
Thanks for all the great photo's you have posted. This part of the world will have a gap in the coverage from now on.
I totally understand your reasons though.

Title: Re: Taking a break
Post by: Cornelia Klier on May 27, 2013, 08:21:32 am
It is always sad to see a member going, disappointed from this site !

I can though, understand both sides here:

The "I will delete any futher forum discussion on deletions" way of speaking has a very sour taste for me. It sounds to me like Big Dictator Speaking" and this does not really fit in nowadays times in my opinion.

On the same time, I understand the moderators that they do not want to have neverending discussions on deletions on the forum, or even worse, to see the forum becoming a place, full of complaints and rants.

There must be a way, to deal with this in a more diplomatic way ? I personally would have thought, that letting everyone say what they have to say in public, if it is obvious that there is not more to add, it would be a gesture to say "if all is said, and no more relevant information to add, I would like to close and delete the topic". This would give everyone a last chance to add something to the case and the topic closed in a proper way. I understand the need for such topics to be deleted, because everyone does start an own topic and there is a chance, that the forum gets cluttered with these rants.

I hope, there is a chance to avoid members leaving in anger from here.

Title: Re: Taking a break
Post by: Jean Hemond on May 27, 2013, 08:21:40 pm
I  also, like Cornelia am taking a break even for not commercial angles captions!
There is also a controversy on the best photo for pro and semi-pro site that is Flickr.
 Less ships passing by day light in my area.
 The same ships that have been captioned by numerous photographers.
 Stealing galore by  commercial operators of all angles.
 I also have my own web site to learn and master!
This site also for sure slipped behind in clics it is my understanding

I for one would like to come back if less a doctrinal discipline is to be applied. And if large watermarks be allowed for paying members even on a per photo posting.