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Title: Port Of Felixstowe Expansion
Post by: Alan Green on May 25, 2013, 10:28:27 pm
Hutchinson Ports have submitted an application to the Marine Management Organisation for an extension to berth 9 by way of a finger quay 190 metres in lenghth and 94 metres in breadth. The additional length will allow 2 vessels, each of 400 metres to then be accomodated at berths 8/9.   More information can be obtained at

Title: Re: Port Of Felixstowe Expansion
Post by: chrisg46 on May 26, 2013, 08:56:06 am
This came up locally back in March, when our local website, Felixstowe News, reported on it.

It's essentially due to the fact that when the first part of Felixstowe's original South Reconfiguration plan was made, they didn't think ships would get so big so quickly!

The local council has given it the nod, really, as they say it is part of the second phase which already has planning permission - but they say it isn't enough of the whole plan to trigger Felixstowe's other obligations, like dualling the rail track, etc . . .

Personally, I think that combined with the other developments at London Gateway, etc, it probably means that Felixstowe will put back still further its plans for completing the south development, and the HPUK will effectively dump its plans for Harwich Bathside.

PS: Alan, can't find any docs relevant to the story on the MMO site - do you have a direct link?

Title: Re: Port Of Felixstowe Expansion
Post by: Alan Green on May 26, 2013, 08:51:34 pm
Hi Chris,

Try this link:

and scroll down to application: MLP/2013/00070 Hutchinson Ports (UK) Ltd

You then have 2 options on the right hand side: View application or download application.

Yesterday the site seemed to be having some hiccups.

As far as Harwich Bathside is concerned: I just wish Councillors, etc, would " get over it " and stop building hopes and/or allowing a possible future development of Bathside to affect their current decisions.   Its never going to happen and Hutchinson will never pay for the upgrading of the A120 which is rapidly descending into a third world country track between Horsley Cross and the port.