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Title: SD 14s
Post by: manzanares on September 18, 2012, 07:56:16 pm
Does anyone know if any of these ships are still in service any where ? just read the history of the class, but it is an old pblication (2004)and unable to find any updated info.Thanks

Title: Re: SD 14s
Post by: Dеnis on September 18, 2012, 08:00:44 pm
Hi, Peter!  If you go here ( & look at the capture dates there are some still sailing, like this one -
Actually, maybe someone could come up with an easier way of tracking down them all?


Title: Re: SD 14s
Post by: manzanares on September 18, 2012, 08:15:16 pm
And the answer to that is yes, thanks for that Denis, didnt even know they had their own catergory  ::)

Title: Re: SD 14s
Post by: Chris Howell on September 19, 2012, 03:11:15 am
LR/IMO Ship No Vessel Name Built Gross Dwt Shiptype Operator Status

8500989  SAFINA 2  1986  8,996  15,120     General Cargo Ship  Marine Fleet Management Pvt

8500965  SUNRISE 18  1986  8,996  15,147   General Cargo Ship  Mai Mai Trading JSC

8500977  SUNRISE 6  1986  8,995  15,136  General Cargo Ship  Dai Phu Maritime Transport


These were the only ones I could find in Lloyds.

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Post by: carimar on September 19, 2012, 03:48:39 am

Title: Re: SD 14s
Post by: Geir Vinnes on September 19, 2012, 04:49:04 am

All of these are also supposed to be in service, but its a bit hard to follow the Chinese ones, some of them has maybee been broken up already.
Please come with correction.

FORTRESS 7      (Imo: 8102103)
GOLDEN LIGHT    (Imo: 7822380)
PHUONG MAI STAR (Imo: 7611561) 
SHIPINCO 1      (Imo: 7433270)
PHUC HAI 5      (Imo: 7628411)
LILY NOBLE      (Imo: 7433282)
LILY ROYAL      (Imo: 7433244)
DAE SAN         (IMO: 7614733)
RYUNG GANG 2    (Imo: 7640378)
NADEEN          (Imo: 7614771)
AMAR            (Imo: 7432903) Might be broken up
FORTUNE SEA     (Imo: 7433177) Might be broken up
GLORY           (Imo: 7433294)
FU SHENG 82     (Imo: 7433191)
AN DONG JIANG   (Imo: 7614719)
HAI JI SHUN     (Imo: 7422805)
HE FENG         (Imo: 7640354)
HE PING 28      (Imo: 7614757)
JIN CHENG XIN 6 (Imo: 7640366)
JIN YUAN SHAN   (Imo: 8011768)
JINYUANHU       (Imo: 7607493)
FU YANG 1       (Imo: 7802976)


Title: Re: SD 14s
Post by: Chris Howell on September 19, 2012, 08:03:51 am
Thanks Geir

The two I found were linked to Sunrise 18 as sisters.

Title: Re: SD 14s
Post by: SIMON SMITH on September 22, 2012, 10:17:49 am
Some updates to Geir's list:

FORTRESS 7      (Imo: 8102103) - ETA Shanghai 230912
GOLDEN LIGHT    (Imo: 7822380) - laid-up Saigon River
PHUONG MAI STAR (Imo: 7611561) - laid-up Saigon River
SHIPINCO 1      (Imo: 7433270) - left Saigon 280212 for Hai Phong, possibly for demolition but still on Hai Phong (Song Da) list 220912
PHUC HAI 5      (Imo: 7628411) - listed on current Hai Phong port list
LILY NOBLE      (Imo: 7433282) - active for Lily Lines (Male-Singapore-Colombo)
LILY ROYAL      (Imo: 7433244) - active for Lily Lines (Male-Singapore-Colombo)
DAE SAN         (IMO: 7614733) - casualty of Duqm 250712
RYUNG GANG 2    (Imo: 7640378) - Nampo 050712
NADEEN          (Imo: 7614771) - loading cement at Karachi 220912
AMAR            (Imo: 7432903) - laid-up off Batam
FORTUNE SEA     (Imo: 7433177) - believed broken up in China 2010
GLORY           (Imo: 7433294) - off Tianjin 060812, demolition?
FU SHENG 82     (Imo: 7433191) - Shipu 140912 (since June, laid-up?)
AN DONG JIANG   (Imo: 7614719) - arrived Xinhui for breaking Nov 2010 as JIN CHENG XIN 8
HAI JI SHUN     (Imo: 7422805) - believed broken up at Taizhou Dec 2010
HE FENG         (Imo: 7640354) - Yangshan Anchorage 220912
HE PING 28      (Imo: 7614757) - last AIS April 2009 off Shantou, current status unknown
JIN CHENG XIN 6 (Imo: 7640366) - arrived Zhangjiagang 140111 for demolition
JIN YUAN SHAN   (Imo: 8011768) - off Fuzhou for Pintan 060612 (probable demolition)
JINYUANHU       (Imo: 7607493) - Yangtze (Nanjing) 220912
FU YANG 1       (Imo: 7802976) - YI YANG 1 arrived Fujian Province (Saiqi) for demolition 150112

in addition:
DONG BINH       (Imo: 7611573) - reported sold for demolition in Vietnam. On Hai Phong list (Khu Neo Ben Lam) 220912
HONG BO 3       (Imo: 7104180) - reported demolished in China in 2011 but subsequent AIS activity, current status unknown
HYANG RO BONG   (Imo: 8102115) - lying submerged off Chittagong
MAN PUNG        (Imo: 7432953) - off North Korea 210612
MARPESSA E.     (Imo: 8207953) - off Nouakchott 220912
SAFINA 2        (Imo: 8500989) - Gulf for Mogadishu 060812
SUNRISE 6       (Imo: 8500977) - Saigon Shipyard 200912
SUNRISE 18      (Imo: 8500965) - ETA Yangon 100912
ZHENG YANG 3    (Imo: 8000159) - Dalian Anchorage 160912
CANADIAN CHALLENGER (Imo: 7393377) - was offered for demolition sale in Caribbean some years ago. Maybe still be lying in Cuba somewhere

The following are believed to have been demolished in China:

JIN DA HAI      (Imo: 7393391) - last AIS Aug 2010 (Equasis is incorrect)
JING REN        (Imo: 7433153) - last AIS Jun 2009
LONG FU         (Imo: 7432898) - last AIS Apr 2010
FU XIANG 6      (Imo: 7324170) - last AIS Sep 2011 (Liayungang)

The wreck of LUNDOGE (7610074) remains near Luanda. The wreck of ELINA (7357866) remains in Vori Bay, Andros

A report from Hai Phong would be much appreciated as would updates on any of the vessels with unknown status.


Title: Re: SD 14s
Post by: Geir Vinnes on September 22, 2012, 01:17:00 pm
Hi Simon,

Thank you for the updates, it would be a very nice sight to see the 1971 built HONG BO 3 if she still is around.


Title: Re: SD 14s
Post by: SIMON SMITH on September 22, 2012, 02:45:53 pm
Hello Geir,

It would be nice to think that HONG BO 3 is still going but I have my doubts. The AIS transmissions are very sporadic. Her breaking was reported in Marine News Feb 2010 and I have seen no port movement reports since. The last Chinese crew records I can find on Goole are for September 2009. It is not uncommon for demolished vessels to appear on occasional rogue AIS transmissions.on


Title: Re: SD 14s
Post by: Geir Vinnes on September 23, 2012, 02:32:08 am
Hi Simon,

Thanks for the explanation, I have also seen some ships on AIS that I tought had been broken up so I guess the chances to see HONG BO 3 is small, but we can always hope  :).
Thanks for the link Bjørn.


Title: Re: SD 14s
Post by: davidships on September 23, 2012, 11:41:50 pm
Perhaps it is as well if HONG BO 3 is no more:  her last port state inspection at Xiamen in Oct 2009 led to detention with 11 defects, including hull-cracking, corrosion of hatchcovers, beams, frames, floors, bulkheads and hull; and problems with survival craft and rescue boats aws well as firefighting.  Oh and something wrong with the main engine also.  Only three months earlier she had been detained at Qinzhou.

Whatever was showing up as HONG BO 3 earlier this year was at Baima (NE of Fuzhou) 10/2-10/7, passing W of Taiwan the following day, heading directly south towards the Philippines.  ETA was given as 13/10 at San Du Ao, near Baima.  Looks more like a fishing vessel on a 3-month trip.

DAE SAN (IMO 7614733) Don't know what the casualty at Duqm was, but she subsequently arrived at Salalah, and sailed eastwards in late August.

Title: Re: SD 14s
Post by: Geir Vinnes on September 27, 2012, 01:18:21 pm
Hi Bjørn,

Thats the chemical tanker HONGBO NO. 3 with Imo. 8401743.
I guess David is right, she was in a bad condition and has most likely been broken up as reported, but it would be very nice to see her if she was still around  :).


Title: Re: SD 14s
Post by: Phil English on September 27, 2012, 02:43:57 pm

In fact, it isn't. There are two distinct AIS transmissions, one from Hongbo No. 3 (IMO 8401743) and one from Hong Bo 3 (IMO 7104180). There are also separate MMSI numbers

IMO 7104180 is actually transmitting today with the following info:

Title: Re: SD 14s
Post by: Bjørn Knudsen on September 27, 2012, 03:19:09 pm
More info

Title: Re: SD 14s
Post by: Phil English on September 27, 2012, 03:31:52 pm
Unfortunately Bjorn, that's just confusing matters. What you have there is the chemical tanker Hongbo. No. 3 IMO 8401743

I can assure that Hong Bo 3 IMO 7104180/MMSI 515832000 is also currently transmitting as per my previous message. Unfortunately I can't provide a link as I'm using an internal company system which uses satellite as well as land-based data. The site that you are using does not currently pick up this vessel.


Title: Re: SD 14s
Post by: SIMON SMITH on September 29, 2012, 08:24:14 am
I have received confirmation from the owners (Hongbo Shipping Hong Kong) that HONG BO 3 (7104180) was delivered to shipbreakers at Xia Bai Shi, Fujian on 10th October 2009. This area is also referred to as San Du Ao.

A couple of other updates:

SAFINA 2 arrived Karachi 160912 to load cement.
NADEEN was listed to sail from Karachi this morning.


Title: Re: SD 14s
Post by: Geir Vinnes on September 30, 2012, 02:20:15 am
Thanks for the updates Simon, nice to know for sure as it was a bit strange with the AIS transmission.

Best regards,

Title: Re: SD 14s
Post by: Phil English on September 30, 2012, 02:00:19 pm
Excellent stuff Simon and a good illustration of why it's important not to place too much emphasis on AIS transmissions.


Title: Re: SD 14s
Post by: victor radio74 on November 27, 2012, 10:43:51 pm
Hi ,Chris Howell and everybody wil be interested in the last reference to DAE SAN

Title: Re: SD 14s
Post by: Tuomas Romu on November 28, 2012, 04:45:23 am
Yeah, it really sucks when the local officials and other environmentalists arrest you for dumping waste overboard.

Title: Re: SD 14s
Post by: Chris Howell on December 01, 2012, 05:11:27 am
I checked LLOYDS yesterday these are the SD14-SD15-121 still on their books, though not all may still be in service.

IMO   0-NAME         0-BUILT   CHANGE   0-TYPE           0-BUILDER
7432904   AMAR           1980   2000   SD15/PRINASA 121   CCN MAUA SHIPYARD
7432953   MAN PUNG   1982   2006   SD15/PRINASA 121   CCN MAUA SHIPYARD
7614719   JIN CHENG XIN 8   1979   2003   SD14   AUSTIN & PICKERSGILL
7614733   DAE SAN   1979   2006   SD14           AUSTIN & PICKERSGILL
7611573   DONG BINH   1980   2010   SD14   AUSTIN & PICKERSGILL
8102103   FORTRESS 7   1982   2010   SD14   AUSTIN & PICKERSGILL
7433191   FU SHENG 82   1983   2008   SD14   COMPANHIA COMERCIO E NAV
7822380   GOLDEN LIGHT   1980   2008   SD14   AUSTIN & PICKERSGILL
7640354   HE FENG   1979   2008   SD14           AUSTIN & PICKERSGILL
7614757   HE PING 28   1979   2006   SD14   AUSTIN & PICKERSGILL
7433282   LILY NOBLE   1983   2008   SD14   COMPANHIA COMERCIO E NAV
7433244   LILY ROYAL   1981   2007   SD14   COMPANHIA COMERCIO E NAV
8207953   MARPESSA E.   1984   2007   SD14   AUSTIN & PICKERSGILL
7614771   NADEEN   1980   2009   SD14           AUSTIN & PICKERSGILL
7628411   PHUC HAI 5   1980   2008   SD14   AUSTIN & PICKERSGILL
7611561   PHUONG MAI STAR   1979   2009   SD14   AUSTIN & PICKERSGILL
7640378   RYONG GANG 2   1980   2004   SD14   AUSTIN & PICKERSGILL
8500989   SAFINA 2   1986   2010   SD14   SMITHS DOCK LTD
7433270   SHIPINCO I   1983   2008   SD14   COMPANHIA COMERCIO E NAV
8500965   SUNRISE 18   1986   2011   SD14   SMITHS DOCK LTD
8500977   SUNRISE 6   1986   2011   SD14   SMITHS DOCK LTD
7802976   YI YANG 1   1988   2007   SD14   COMPANHIA COMERCIO E NAV
7607481   ZHENG YANG 2   1978   2007   SD14   AUSTIN & PICKERSGILL
8000159   ZHENG YANG 3   1981   2007   SD14   AUSTIN & PICKERSGILL

SUMMARY of SD 14's built

COMPANHIA COMERCIO   NITEROI                   BRA   43
TOTAL                                        211

Title: Re: SD 14s
Post by: davidships on December 01, 2012, 02:55:35 pm
Very useful list, Chris.
Here I've added latest reported movements - and a couple of queries at the end (and corrected IMO of AMAR).  Updates in status always welcomed.


7432903   AMAR     
-- 19/4/2007 sailed Johore, westerly; reported 22/9/2012 laid up off Batam
7614733   DAE SAN   
-- 31/8/2012 sailed Salalah, Oman; prev23/11/2012 detained at Bossaso, Somalia
7611573   DONG BINH 
-- 30/11/2011 sailed Haiphong, reportedly for scrapping; reported at Haiphong 22/9/2012
8102103   FORTRESS 7 
-- 29/11/2012 arrived Penang from Hong Kong; 1/12/2012 at anchor
7433191   FU SHENG 82 
-- 9/6/2012 sailed Zhenhai; 21/11/2012 anchored at ?? (029°11.208'N, 121°46.382'E)
7822380   GOLDEN LIGHT 
-- 13/11/2012 sailed Saigon; 30/11/2012 anchored at Ho Chi Minh City
7640354   HE FENG   
-- 28/11/2012 sailed Changjiang for Japan
7614757   HE PING 28   
-- 4/2009 off Shantou
7614719   JIN CHENG XIN 8 
-- 11/10/2010 sailed Shanghai
7433282   LILY NOBLE 
-- 30/11/2012 arrived Singapore from Colombo & Westport (Malaysia)
7433244   LILY ROYAL   
-- 26/11/2012 sailed Male (for Colombo?)
7432953   MAN PUNG 
-- 30/11/2012 arrived Xiamen anchorage
8207953   MARPESSA E. 
-- 8/11/2012 arrived Piraeus anchorage
7614771   NADEEN   
-- 29/9/2012 due to sail from Karachi with cement
7628411   PHUC HAI 5
-- 20/4/2011 sailed Da Nang (6/4/2011 casualty); reported 22/9/2012 at Haiphong
-- 22/9/2012 reported laid up for Haiphong Saigon
7640378   RYONG GANG 2 
-- 18/11/2012 sailed Tangshan for "Song Pina"
8500989   SAFINA 2 
-- 26/9/2012 sailed from Karachi with cement (for ??)
7433270   SHIPINCO I 
-- 28/2/2012 sailed Saigon for Haiphong (2/2012 reported sold to Vietship Material Equipment JSCo - a ship scrapping company)
8500977   SUNRISE 6   
-- 24/11/2012 arrived Ho Chi Minh city from Saigon
8500965   SUNRISE 18 
-- 18/11/2012 arrived Tanjung Perak, Surabaya
7802976   YI YANG 1   
-- 14/1/2012 sailed Baima
7607481   ZHENG YANG 2
-- 23/3/2012 sailed Baima; 1/12/2012 at Rizhao/Shijiusuo
8000159   ZHENG YANG 3
-- 26/4/2012 arrived Dalian from Hong Kong; 16/9/2012 anchored Dalian

this one looks still alive:
8011768   JIN YUAN SHAN
-- 26/11/2012 arrived Nanjing (anchored in river 28/11/2012)
and possibly this one:
7607493   JINYUANHU 
-- 24/9/2012 arrived Nanjing
or have both been confirmed for scrapping at Nanjing?

Title: Re: SD 14s
Post by: Chris Howell on December 01, 2012, 11:25:47 pm
Thanks David

Type with AMAR.

The last two are still listed as of today in LLOYDS.

Missed these two.

Title: Re: SD 14s
Post by: Andreas Schlatterer on March 31, 2013, 12:36:58 pm
Hello together

today 31.03.2013, a SD 14 passed us in the Arabian sea, around 6 hours from Salalah. The course seems to go to India, no AIS signals no identification at all.
Unfortunately the visibility was also not the best but it looks that the vessel was quite similiar to the Dae San from far away.
Anybody a idea which SD 14 is scheduled for srapping.

Best regards

Title: Re: SD 14s
Post by: SIMON SMITH on April 01, 2013, 09:46:10 am
Hello Andreas,

This is most likely the DAE SAN. There are so few left now.  Broker reports gave Kolkata, where breaking has begun again recently, as her destination. SAFINA 2 arrived off Alang last week and GOLDEN LIGHT arrived at Hai Phong for breaking 30th March. FU SHENG 82 arrived at Zhangjiagang for breaking recently.

By my reckoning excluding DAE SAN there are just seven SD-14s(including Prinasa 121) left in trade now:


PHUONG MAI STAR and SUNRISE 6 remain laid-up at Saigon. AMAR is anchored at Batam. SUNRISE 18 is presumably still hard aground off Indonesia.

DONG BINH has recently been removed from the Hai Phong list. Any information on her would be welcome.

ZHENG YANG 3 remains unaccounted for. Possibly laid-up but most likely demolished in China (last AIS off Dalian in September).

One or two wrecks remain including the LUNDOGE near Douala.


Title: Re: SD 14s
Post by: Andreas Schlatterer on April 01, 2013, 10:52:38 am
Hello Simon

Thanks for the update, it seems really that it was the Dae San. Also another source gave the info that the vessel was in Salalah at 30.03.2013.
It,s a pity to see this beauties gone more an more by now.

best regards out of the Arabian Sea

Title: Re: SD 14s
Post by: SIMON SMITH on April 18, 2013, 10:06:57 am
DAE SAN has been renamed OCEAN DAWN (KHM) and is due to arrive at Chittagong today for demolition.